You might be able to get some exercise at home if you don’t have any gym memberships and no one else in your house wants to train with you. Outdoor exercises tend to be less strenuous than indoor ones because they allow for better air circulation. You don’t need expensive gym memberships or fancy workout gear to get fit during these times. All you really need is some space outdoors and an open mind. Invite your friends to join you if they want to be part of your weight loss journey too! Just keep them at arm’s length until after you lose the weight.

You need to warm up before starting any exercise program. Start slowly and gradually increase intensity until you reach your target heart rate (HR). If you don’t have access to any cardio machines, run in place for one minute then perform two sets of the following exercises:

  • 10 bodyweight squats (squat to a park bench)
  • 3-5 downward-facing dogs (hinging forward from the hips toward the ground while keeping your back neutral)
  • 3-5 dirty dogs on each side
  • 5 lunges with elbow instep per side

The Circuit

You’ll complete these movements for maximum reps or distances within 30 seconds. After each set, take at least 15 seconds for recovery before moving onto the next exercise. Do each movement for at least 10 repetitions before moving onto the next one.

Rest for one to three minutes after completing each exercise before moving on to the next.

  1. Bear Crawl (go for maximum distance and mix it up by going backwards at the 15-second mark to get back to the start)
  2. Alternate Leg Push-off (find a step, set of stairs or an elevated surface like a rock to perform this on)
  3. Push-ups (modify to a bent knee push-up like this one)
  4. Bicycle Crunches
  5. Elevated Glute Bridge (you don’t need any weights because body weight can be challenging enough)
  6. High Plank T-spine Rotation (modify to your knees)
  7. Walking Lunges (keep moving, you’re almost done with this round!)

Rest one to three minutes before repeating this series for three to four rounds.

Plyo Power

You could use this routine as a standalone exercise session if you want to add some variety to your workouts. Or, you could tack it onto one of our circuits for added intensity. Make sure you’re warm enough before starting this workout because it involves some advanced moves that require more body strength.

Perform as many reps as possible for 15 seconds at each exercise. After doing each exercise for 15 seconds, take a break for 10-15 seconds before moving onto the next one. Do these exercises for at least three to four repetitions each session, depending on your current fitness levels.

  1. Forward Linear Jumps
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Toe Taps (tap onto a stair, step or a stable rock)
  4. Jump and Reach

Take some time off after completing each round. Repeat this exercise until you’ve completed five rounds total.

Each round consists of three movements; therefore, you need to complete them within one minute of time. Aim for maximum intensity throughout each exercise. When you’re done exercising, take a few minutes to cool off by doing some light stretching exercises and then walk for a bit before sitting down to relax.

Exercise helps improve your overall health by keeping your muscles strong and healthy. Get together with some friends and go running/walking/jogging outside.


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