A custom keto diet plan is designed specifically for people who want to burn fat and lose some weight. Men too can benefit from following this plan. They can lose their extra pounds without having to go through any surgery.

It would be perfect if you had someone who liked dieting with you so that you could both go through the diet together and help one another stay motivated throughout the journey.

If you don’t enjoy eating certain types of foods, then this diet may be right for you. Also, if you suffer from an illness that affects your ability to lose weight, then this diet might help.


On a Keto Diet, rather than relying on glucose for energy, your metabolism switches from burning sugar (glucose) to burning stored fats. Carbs and fat provide us with most of our daily energy needs.

With the Ketogenic Diet, you use fat (ketones) for fuel and avoid carbs. When following the Keto Diet, your body enters into Ketosis. When you’re in the Keto state, the magic happens.

You need to limit or cut down your carb intake by at least 50g per day. When you’re not consuming any carbs, your body turns to its stores of fats for fuel instead of using up stored glycogen (stored carbohydrate).

Energy is used constantly throughout our lives, whether we’re awake or sleeping. When your body goes into Ketosis, you’ll burn stored fats for energy instead of carbohydrates.


Benefits of the custom keto diet include:

You can avoid making common dietary mistakes by following the guidelines outlined here.

*It helps you decide which types of foods you should be eating.

*It helps improve your overall health and support weight loss.

*It reduces insulin resistance which then causes fast weight loss.

You don’t need to cut out any foods when following the Ketogenic Diet.

Once you begin losing weight, your self-confidence increases.

* It is best for any upcoming occasion or vacation as you can lose weight fast.

*The diet plan helps you understand exactly how you can lose weight effectively and reach your desired bodyweight.

* The diet plan gives you a list of foods that you can choose based on your personal preference and taste.

* The plan is built with your micro and macro calories in mind.

* You don’t have to keep searching for foods to eat as the diet provides you with a complete grocery list that you can download online.

You get to choose from several different options when creating your own plan.

*There aren’t any weight loss programs for people who have certain medical conditions that prevent them from losing weight. They can use this app as long as they ask their doctor for permission first.

Once you start following this diet plan, you’ll feel better than ever before! If you’re always tired and exhausted, then the most probable reason for this is the kind of foods you consume. You’re sure to feel more energized and healthier after just one day on the plan.

It speeds up your metabolism by burning off excess weight and replacing the unhealthy foods (like sugar) and bad habits (like overeating) caused by decades of poor nutrition with healthier choices (lean proteins and good fats).


When starting out on the Ketogenic Diet, there may be some temporary side effects. You may experience some mild symptoms when starting out on a low carb/high fat diet.

When the body adapts to a lower carb intake, it may experience some side effects. By lowering your carbohydrate intake, your body has no choice but to use ketone bodies (instead of blood sugar) for its fuel source.

Once your body enters into Ketosis, the Keto Diet works well for weight loss. If this happens in the body, most of us won’t feel well because we’re not used to feeling so sick. It’s called “keto flu”.

As your body adjusts to its new metabolic state, you might experience some side effects including headaches, upset stomach, and even dizziness.

It may be true that some people don’t get sick from this virus but if they do, it usually lasts for just one week at most.


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