Nothing says love like caring about the air someone breathes. Before, in-home high tech air quality monitoring was bulky, and prohibitively expensive The AirThings Wave+ looks just like a puck shaped smoke alarm, but it monitors air quality, CO 2, Radon, air temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Poor air quality both indoors and outdoors is rampant nowadays and can be a profound effect on health Granted, the Wave+ only lets you know how air is, but that’s a significant step in the direction of doing something about it.

How to check the air quality in your home?

The AirThings Wave+ is an indoor air quality monitor that measures the levels of pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO), radon, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants. It also provides information on air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and noise level. It uses wireless technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0.

The Wave+ has a built-in sensor for measuring radon gas, which is a radioactive element found naturally in soil and rocks. Radon gas is a carcinogen that can cause lung cancer if inhaled over time. The device will alert you when there are elevated levels of radon in your home.

What’s In The Box?

This item comes with two AA batteries.

It also includes an owner’s manual.

And it has mounting screws.


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