KeySmart uses Tile’s technology to create a kind of “smart key ring.” With its built in rechargeable battery that lasts 60-days, this handy gadget also comes with a small yet bright flashlight, and multi-tool. It fits in your pockets, holds up to 14 key, and sports a range up to 150 ft. Since normal Tiles are not designed to fit on keys, this will be a sure-fire stocking-stuffer hit.

What makes our products unique?

KeySmart uses Tile’s-technology to create a kind of”smart key ring.”With its built in rechargeable-battery that lasts 60-days,”this handy gadget also comes with afine flashlight, and multi- tool.It fits in your pockets,holds up to 14 key,and sports arange up to 150ft.The KeySmart is the perfect combination

So what has changed, and why is it better?

KeySmart differs from other smart devices because it works with Tile’s technology. This means you can use it as a keyring, but also as an alarm clock or even as a personal tracker. The device itself is made of plastic, so it won’t break easily if dropped. You can also customize the color of the LED light, which is useful when you’re using it at night.

Why should I buy one?

If you have more than one set of keys, then having one for each car isn’t practical. But if you want to keep track of all your keys, then KeySmart is the perfect solution. Not only does it hold multiple keys, but it also doubles as a flashlight, and a multi-tool.

How do I get one?

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