For many of us who use a computer, handwriting will always be our preferred method of jot­ting down notes, writing a story, or plotting out that novel. Writing by hand also helps you to learn and retain knowledge. However, typing in those notes is not an enjoyable activity. The Livescribe Sym­phony lets you skip that last, tech-laden step thanks to its mix-and-match pen and special notebooks that trans­cribe everything you write (or draw) right to your phone. From there, you’ll be able to have it sent to the Cloud, edit it, and continue about your day. The pen itself is rechargeable, but otherwise it looks like a nice upscale pen and there are notebooks, planners, and even stickers for the pen to accommodate your handwriting needs.

What is the Livescribe Symphony digital pen anyway?

The Livescribe Symphony Digital Pen is a new product from Livescribe. It’s designed to make note taking easier than ever before. You can take handwritten notes on any notebook, planner, or other paper surface using the Livescribe Symphony Digital pen. Once you’ve taken your notes, they’re automatically transcribed into text so you can easily search them later. And if you want to share your thoughts with others, you can send the text directly to email or social media.

The Livescribe Symphony Digital Pens come in three different models: the Symphony, Symphony Pro, and Symphony Wireless. Each model has its own unique features,

Should you buy the Livescribe Symphony smartpen?

At $129.99, the Symphony Smartpen is one of the more expensive pens on this list. But if you’re looking for something to replace your bulky Moleskine, this may be worth considering. If you don’t mind having to carry around a separate device, then this could be a great option.

This pen can record audio?

Yes! This pen can record audio. When you write, the pen records audio as you do so. Then when you stop writing, the pen converts the audio into text. So if you were to type up what you wrote, it would look just like a typed version of what was written.

Do I have to pair Symphony/Aegir with my device every time I start writing?

No. You can use the Livescribe app on your iPhone or Android device without pairing it with the pen. Just download the free Livescribe App from iTunes or Google Play, open the app, select “Start Recording” and begin writing. Your notes will appear on your smartphone screen within seconds.

How does the Livescribe Symphony work?

When you first turn on the pen, it connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can then choose which notebook, planner, or page you’d like to use. The pen uses a small adhesive pad to adhere to the surface of whatever you wish to write on.


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