If you don’t use it, you lose out on it, and this adages could not be more true for seniors’ fitness. My years of experience working with hundreds of older adults has taught me one thing above everything else: Everyone can push just a bit farther, travel just a little longer, and achieve just a tiny bit more every single day.

There are some important tips for achieving success when you’re older.

Exercise Tricks

Be Consistent 

  • After starting an exercise program for the first time, it may take some time before you feel comfortable enough to start working out regularly. It doesn’t need to be scary. If you feel any discomfort after exercise, don’t be afraid to take a break from training for a few days until things settle down. However, if you’re feeling good but want to continue working out because you’ve made improvements in your fitness level, then keep going!

Listen to your Body

Don’t be afraid if you feel some pain when doing squats; just keep going until you reach your limit. If you’re not sure whether something is safe for you, consult your doctor first.

Add Strength Training to your Workout Routine 

For women especially, don’t neglect strength training. Weight bearing exercises help strengthen muscles and bones by putting stress on them. They’re especially useful for building muscle strength and increasing bone density.

Invest in Fitness Gloves 

They’re not just for weightlifters. They help improve comfort during exercise by helping relieve pain from conditions like arthritis and carpal tunel.

Consider Getting a Personal Trainer 

It might not always be worthwhile investing in some personal training sessions if you’re unsure of your limits, forms, or uses of equipment. Group classes usually cost less than one-on-one sessions but offer no personalized attention from an instructor. However, private workouts provide individualized coaching for each session. Fitness centers often provide free orientation sessions for new members, so it might be worth checking out whether they offer one before signing up.

Work Antagonist Muscle Groups through Supersets

Opposing muscles like biceps and tricep oppose each other. Management of this smooth operation helps keep both parties relaxed, encouraging good posture, and increasing their range of movement.

Go Swimming

If you’ve recently injured yourself, had mobility issues, or are simply starting out again after some time away from exercise, get swimming! With its low impact options, swimming offers both cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening at once.

Mental Tricks to Reframe Your Attitude Toward Exercise and Nutrition

Don’t Limit Yourself 

Don’t limit yourself by thinking you’re not good enough. You may not ever be in your twenties again but you’re only as old as you think you are. To achieve peak physical performance at any time, start by having an “I Can Do It” attitude.

Focus On the Small Steps

Focus on the smaller goals that lead up to the larger one. Imagine it like your GPS map if you were going on an extended roadtrip. Yes, it’s important to see the entire picture when planning a vacation, but you focus on each step individually. When you get lost, a new route is calculated. If you redirect, you‘ll end up at whatever destination you want.

Reward Yourself 

Cheat days shouldn’t involve eating too much junk food. Rather than seeing them as cheating, they’re simply rewards for all your hard work! Make sure you stick to any dietary restrictions from your physician, and don’t overeat.


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