Education In The Middle East

Despite a significant improvement of formal education in the Middle Eastern countries during the past few decades the gap between education and employability is still widening. Governments across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have invested heavily in educational institutions, and the past decade saw a rapid expansion of primary and secondary...

Tips for Longer Life and Happier Life

Longer lives depend upon several different factors. Essential Factors Include Health Conditions, Stress, And Stable Finance. Japan and Singaporean men tend to live longer than their counterparts from other parts of Asia. However, if we want to lead healthy lives, we need to take care of our bodies. These five tips may help you...

Here Are Some of the Best Continuing Education Options for Entrepreneurs

Want to know more before starting your own business? There are lots of ways to learn new skills, from online courses to certification programs and even schooling abroad. Here's a rundown of your choices. Entrepreneurs generally enjoy learning new things. Learning is an important part of entrepreneurship. Whether it’s at conferences, working with mentors, or...

How Entrepreneurs Can Solve the Higher Education Problem

Higher education needs a transformation. Tuition inflation, increased student debt, and diminished confidence in the value of traditional degrees leave the industry ripe for reimagin­ation. Federal subsidies for 2- or 4- year college degrees have been discussed in the context of a new agenda to increase access to education. However, companies also have the...

These Are the Priciest Countries for a University Education

For students who are going back to school after the holidays, the thought of returning to student poverty is a bit overwhelming. Especially in the UK and the US, where tuition fees eat into the majority of people's budgets. Tuition fees at British universities are among the highest in the world, but they don't even...


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