Sensibo Air Smart AC Controller

As most of the west coast of the U.S has discovered, not all homes come with central air conditioning, so window air conditioners are still very much a reality. The problem is most people aren’t very intelligent. There are several fine options for adding app controls to your window box, but the Sensibo Air...

iRobot Roomba i3+

Not many people we know enjoy the unpleasant chore of vacuuming so why not outsource it to a robot? iRobot‘s latest models are the most intelligent and reliable robot vacuum cleaners around, and they’ve got some nifty tricks up their sleeves… or dust buckets! The i3+ has some amazing features. Most notably, it's able...

Key Smart Max

KeySmart uses Tile's technology to create a kind of "smart key ring." With its built in rechargeable battery that lasts 60-days, this handy gadget also comes with a small yet bright flashlight, and multi-tool. It fits in your pockets, holds up to 14 key, and sports a range up to 150 ft. Since normal...

Livescribe Symphony

For many of us who use a computer, handwriting will always be our preferred method of jot­ting down notes, writing a story, or plotting out that novel. Writing by hand also helps you to learn and retain knowledge. However, typing in those notes is not an enjoyable activity. The Livescribe Sym­phony lets you skip...

Airthings Wave Plus Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Radon Detection

Nothing says love like caring about the air someone breathes. Before, in-home high tech air quality monitoring was bulky, and prohibitively expensive The AirThings Wave+ looks just like a puck shaped smoke alarm, but it monitors air quality, CO 2, Radon, air temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Poor air quality both indoors and outdoors...


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